December 7, 2022

Don't Wait For New Year's Fitness Resolutions: 3 Easy Ways To Hit Your Fitness Goals Right Now

New year, new me. It's a great idea, and we wholly encourage it. However, why wait until January 1st to improve your health and fitness? Instead, get the jump on living healthy with some crucial exercise tips from Irvine personal trainers and hit your New Year's fitness resolutions. All before 2023 comes rolling around.

New Year's Fitness Resolutions

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According to Statista, the top three most common New Year's resolutions had to do with better, healthy living.

  • Living healthier
  • Personal improvement or happiness
  • Losing weight

And aside from traveling more and improving friendships, the rest are pretty similar.

In short, people want to start the new year healthy.

But we're telling you that you don't need an arbitrary date like New Year's Day to start improving.

Why New Year's Resolutions Fail

The concept of New Year's fitness resolutions failing is somewhat of a running joke at this point. People say they will start turning it all around on New Year's Day, but a few things get in the way.

Your New Year's Resolutions Aren't Specific Enough

Not being specific enough with your fitness goal can set you up for failure. While we encourage everyone to start a healthy fitness journey, you should clearly define what you want to accomplish. 

Want to lose weight? Think of what your goal should be. Likewise, if you're committed to lifting weights, what's the ideal weight you want to bench by June? Being more specific with your fitness goals can make a massive difference.


We often experience New Year's resolutions with a tinge of negativity. For example, if someone wants to lose weight, that can sound like, "Ugh, I need to lose weight." As if having to lose weight in the first place is a shameful thing. We're here to tell you it isn't.

But by framing goals with negativity, you're setting yourself up for failure. Instead, try putting a positive spin on it and see how you perceive your goal. Instead of 'I have to,' try framing it as 'I get the opportunity to.'

Here are some great ways to get an invaluable jump start on your personal fitness goals. Whether it's building muscle in the gym, weight lifting, or even military training, we've got you covered. Check it out.

Improve Your Eating Habits

The holidays aren't exactly the best time to have healthy eating goals. Or are they?

Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas inherently come with large, unhealthy dinners. And, let's be honest, some snacks, too. In short, it's a terrible time of year for people trying to lose weight or simply eat healthier.

But we're not here to admonish people for enjoying this time of year, especially with family. But again, you don't have to wait until New Year's Day to turn it all around.

You can even implement healthier eating habits little by little. Baby steps are still steps.

You're cutting out junk food and promoting healthy eating by substituting unhealthy food with alternatives. For example, try apples with peanut butter or even celery with cream cheese. It's a small but crucial step to actually start to see results.

Don't feel like you have to go all-in at first; we'll help you sort everything out with Irvine personal trainers.

Hire A Certified Personal Trainer

irvine personal trainer helping client use good kettlebell workout
Irvine personal trainers help you reach fitness goals and promote healthy living

Why go it alone? With Irvine certified personal trainers, people can work out more efficiently, build muscle, or lose weight in no time. Certified personal trainers bring vast experience to each session, tailoring a workout to the individual.

At Hideout Fitness, getting into a routine with a personal trainer is a way to see results. It's also a fast track to building that superhero physique.

With your choice of fitness coach, you engage in dynamic hourly sessions in a safe setting that will help with any resolution.

Plus, coaches can help you set and reach goals for your body. Are you interested in muscle-building? Want to start toning your body? Building strength? Irvine personal trainers have a plan tailored to you and your specific physical resolutions. Our personal trainers help you track your weekly progress to ensure you're satisfied with your physical fitness journey.

With backgrounds in the marines to collegiate athletes, there's a coach here for everyone, regardless of specific challenges and goals.

Get Motivated With Friends

Another great way to reach your New Year's resolution health goals is to lean on your network of friends. Remember a big reason why you should ditch your reliance on New Year's Day? A lack of accountability can make your resolution go up in smoke.

Listen, we totally understand that sometimes, going to the gym can be asking a lot. Your bed is comfortable, you're tired, and the thought of working out is a bitter pill to swallow.

However, if you sign up for semi-private fitness training in Irvine, you can have a small network of motivation to draw on. Friends keep friends accountable, especially when improving your mind and body.

In short, a close friend or group of people can help you keep your New Year's goals.

At Hideout Fitness, a group of 2 to 4 people works with an experienced coach engaged in dynamic workouts in hourly sessions.

Irvine personal trainers will help groups plan meals and fitness regimens each week. This ensures you and your friends are reaching and surpassing your initial resolutions and fitness goals.

Plus, there are 30% savings compared to standard private training.

Depending on your goals and what you want out of a workout, it's worth weighing your options: semi-private or private training sessions.

Reaching Your New Year's Fitness Resolutions With Irvine Personal Trainers

irvine personal trainer helping client reach new year's resolution fitness goals
Certified personal trainers in Irvine help you overcome the hurdles that come with New Year's resolution fitness goals

Certified personal trainers in Irvine at Hideout Fitness can help you tackle your personal improvement and health goals all year round.

Regardless of your resolutions to exercise more, our dedicated fitness coaches in Irvine can help. They have intimate fitness knowledge of healthy meal prep, efficient exercises, and what makes a workout special.

Don't wait for New Year's Day to kick-start your life. Start your positive health journey with the Irvine certified personal trainers and unlock the hero in you!

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