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Love the Hideout team! Friendly team of trainers that push you to get the results you’re looking for. They listen to my goals, track my progress and are even helping me with some chronic issues I have (bad knee). Would 100% recommend - and a special shoutout to Jacob & Melanie for making training tough but enjoyable!

Shannon Frost

Chris Monje is a caring, thoughtful, knowledgeable "guru" when it comes to all things fitness. He works you hard but is fair and expertly dedicated to helping you achieve your personal fitness goals. He's the real deal!

Kenny B.


Hideout has ben great for my husband and I to go together and workout - even though our workouts are massively different. We feel healthier and it's easier to be accountable when your coach is in your corner. I highly recommend!

Jess e.


I have been working with Hideout Fitness the past three months. The experience was absolutely incredible. I have been struggling with lower back pain alongside severe flexibility problems in my hips & ankle dorsiflexion. Only after 4 or 5 sessions (one meeting per week), not only was my backpain all but ameliorated, but I have achieved incredible strides in flexibility that I did not think were possible. Their expertise, guidance, and wisdom is unmatched. On top of all of that, he will push you to your maximum potential and not allow you to give up.

Thomas Ficcadenti


I love hideout fitness, let me tell you why. This is not your average training facility. Hideout fitness works on your fitness goals bur also works on feeling good. I have many muscle imbalances that cause aches and pains and we have been working through them. I feel good! The diet plan provided is great. I see results within a few days when i follow it lol The meal plan is realistic and easy to follow. I was taught how to count macrosWe alter the workout/ nutrition plan according to my life. Its a friendly environment. No creepy guys/ trainers hitting on you! The virtual / online training is awesome as well. This will be my forever home

Kamal S.


I have been with them for 2 months now and seeing a lot of improvements; I'm lifting heavier and leaning out. I have an injury on my right leg and I was concerned that I would not be able to keep make progress with it, but my trainer Chris has been amazing at working around. I've had trainers before and have never seen results like this before. I'm just really happy with the results so far and look forward to seeing the final results. I definitely recommend Chris!

Sarah Giakoumis