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Coach Jacob aka Captain Hideout

Coach Chris aka Mr. Hideout

Coach Hunter aka Major Mass

Stephen Rodriguez aka Kilo Crusader

Hey, I’m Stephen Rodriguez. For the past decade, I’ve dedicated my life's purpose to enhancing the physical capabilities of humans. In my early collegiate years studying engineering, I enrolled in fitness courses at Cypress College intending to lose fat and increase muscle and strength. The process proved challenging, but I developed a curiosity and passion for exercise science. I switched to Kinesiology focusing on strength and conditioning. I studied at Cal State Fullerton and coached the Olympic weightlifting club. Throughout my studies, I received my certification from USA Weightlifting, worked with Olympic coaches and weightlifters, earned my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification from the NSCA, and ultimately my B.S. Kinesiology. My duty is to unlock the highest physical potential within the human body and empower individuals to experience the highest quality life. Life is a competition, therefore you are an athlete for life.

Coach Ana aka Lady Lift

Introducing Coach Ana, aka Lady Lift—a fitness enthusiast since childhood, with a background in track, field, and dance. At 14, she embraced weight training, kickstarting a fitness journey.In 2017, she earned her first fitness trainer license from the Pedagogical College of Fitness in St. Petersburg. For 5 years at Sportlife Club, she gained diverse experience, specializing in goals from weight loss to post-rehabilitation.

In 2022, Coach Ana moved to California, obtaining her second personal trainer license from NASM. Her training priorities include safety, personalized approaches, and holistic development.

As your Coach,  Ana is dedicated to supporting you on your fitness journey, leading you to the results you desire.

·       Fitness Trainer License – Pedagogical College of Fitness St. Petersburg
·       6+ years of Personal Training Experience
·       NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Cheylene Bruggeman aka Wellness Warrior

Hi there! I'm Coach Chay, also known as the Wellness Warrior. I have 7 years of experience as a personal trainer, however my fitness story began way back in my youth. I spent 10 years as a gymnast, before diving into collegiate track & field at Long Beach State, and that's where my love for lifting weights took root.

My real joy comes from coaching my amazing clients, helping them become the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves, all without having to give up the things they love.

I'm here to use my knowledge and expertise to coach and educate you on achieving your goals, and we’ll do it together as a team. We’ll build sustainable, healthy habits that align with you and fit your unique lifestyle. Through movement, nutrition, and recovery, I'm here to guide you and hold you accountable!

- B.S. in Kinesiology from Long Beach State University
- Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
- Precision Nutrition certified
- Kettlebell certified
- Previous Equinox Tier X trainer - 5 years experience

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