semi-private training

semiprivate training

recruit your league and train together

Group training is perfect for 2-4 people to share motivation, retain accountability, and save on cost per session.  Come to us ready with workout partners or we’ll find a group for you.

  • Hourly Sessions
  • 2-4 People
  • Dynamic workouts with custom intensity
  • Personalized meal plan for accelerated results
  • 30% Savings compared to private training
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Success Stories

What our members say

At the end of January, I decided to make a change in my life. I went in for a free consultation with Hideout fitness. I went over everything I wanted and needed from them. After a month of hard work I am down 15 pounds and have a newfound confidence.  I look forward to seeing where I will be 2 months from now and also at a Year from now. Thank you Coach, I appreciate everything you are doing and have done for me.

Victor Gonzalez

I love this gym. After only 3 months of training I’ve lost over 20lbs. Not only have o lost weight but I have also gained muscle and feel more confident than ever before. The facility is clean and the trainers are really supportive!

Tanya Sleiman

I had been searching for a trainer and never came across the right ones until I landed on Hideout Fitness. It was still a bit nerve racking but these trainers are really easy to trust from the beginning. They truly care about their clients progress and don’t make you feel insecure about exercising. They constantly encourage you to eat and train more effectively to accomplish your goals. Thank you Hideout Fitness!

Wilfredo Sandoval
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Private Training

The fast track to your superhero physique.  Pair up with one of our coaches to customize workouts and refine meals.  Whether it's weight loss, muscle building, or fortifying confidence - we've got the mission.

Online Training

Can't make it to Hideout? Access your dedicated trainer virtually! Online coaching comes with custom dawn-to-dusk meal plans, structured workouts, and weekly check-ins. Don't let a commute stop the mission.

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